Why choose AH&D?

American Hood and Duct Cleaning, Inc. was started 25 years ago after we saw repeated demand for a good hood cleaner. After all these years we’ve continued to serve our same customers by providing top notch cleaning.

Quality Service

We provide service to clean your system from the roof to the hood down to the bare metal. We can also install access panels into the ductwork that does not have the proper access and hinge kits for fans to make them accessible for cleaning.

Fire Prevention

One of the biggest risks of not cleaning your restaurant's hood and duct system is the potential for a fire. Grease and other flammable materials can build up in your hood and ducts over time, increasing the risk of a fire.

Industry Standard

Regular hood cleaning is required by your local fire department and insurance company. We clean according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Act) which is the industry standard.

What we do

We provide, thorough, top to bottom service. From the fans down to the ducts and then the hoods.

We can also install access panels when the duct work is difficult to get to. This helps us reach the toughest and often dirtiest areas of your system. This is one way we go above and beyond for our customers.

We serve Colorado Springs and surrounding area as well as Summit and Eagle counties.

How Often Should You Clean Your Restaurant’s Hood and Duct System?

The frequency of cleaning your restaurant’s hood and duct system will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of cooking you do and the volume of food you prepare. However, as a general rule, most restaurants are cleaned at least twice a year. If you have a high-volume kitchen or do a lot of frying, you may need to have your system cleaned more frequently.

– Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations: Monthly. For example a wood fired grill.

– Systems serving high-volume cooking operations such as 24-hour cooking and charbroiling: Quarterly.

– Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations: Semiannually

– Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers: Annually

The Importance of Regular Restaurant Hood and Duct Cleaning

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain a clean and safe environment for your customers and employees. Regular cleaning of your hood and ducts is crucial for the health and safety of everyone in your establishment, as well as for the longevity of your equipment. Regular hood cleaning is required by your local fire department and insurance company.

At American Hood and Duct Cleaning, we specialize in commercial restaurant hood and duct cleaning. We have the experience and expertise to clean your system thoroughly and efficiently, helping to keep your business safe and your equipment working at its best. We clean according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Act) which is the industry standard. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see the difference a clean hood and duct system can make for your business.

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